Raise your hand if any of this sounds like you: 

You planned a dream vacation for new clients, who raved about your awesome services when they returned from their trip. But … that was 2 years ago, and you haven’t heard from them since.  

You collected a boatload of email addresses at a travel trade show, but you haven’t even uploaded them to your computer yet. 

The last blog entry on your website is from January … 2015. 

You email your clients once or twice a year about great travel deals. But you hear crickets in response. 

Build know, like, and trust — and get more bookings! — with an irresistible e-newsletter

Building relationships is the backbone of your travel business. 

The fact that travel agents today more often work from their laptops than a storefront agency doesn’t change that. In fact, that just makes relationship building all the more important. 

After all, no one’s simply strolling into your storefront asking you to book a vacation for them. Nope. The rules have changed. 

Now, you have to figure out a way to build relationships — by getting your clients and prospects to know, like, and trust you — in the digital sphere.

Your prospects need to know you exist (raise your hand if you’ve struggled with this one!). 

They need to like you — which, yes, means you’ve got to let your personality shine. Copying and pasting mass-produced content won’t do that for you. 

They need to trust your expertise. Why are you better than those online booking engines, anyway? 

But ... how do you build know, like, and trust through a computer screen?

Enter: the e-newsletter. 

Time to harness your most powerful marketing tool

By sending a consistent e-newsletter, you’ll: 

  • Stay top-of-mind with past clients, so they know exactly who to call when they want to book their next vacation. 
  • Position yourself as an expert in your travel niche, with content that informs and inspires. 
  • Gain the trust of new prospects you add to your email list — even if they’ve never booked with you before. That means no more wasting those emails you get from trade shows. Turn cold leads into clients!

But ... sending out a compelling, strategic e-newsletter every week or two takes a lot of time. 

And if your to-do list for your travel biz is already 10 pages long — or the thought of writing every week just makes your stomach do (frankly impressive) back flips — it's hard to commit to sending out your e-newsletter on-schedule (or at all!).

Your solution? The custom e-newsletter service through Bon Vivant Copy. 

Emily Matras, your e-newsletter strategist

Want done-for-you e-newsletters that capture your voice and captivate your clients?

Here's what you get in our signature e-newsletter packages:

  •  Every month, we'll brainstorm, research, and write your e-newsletters for you. We'll create custom content, tailored to your specialty that speaks directly to your subscribers' interests. You own the content — so you won't see it anywhere else.
  •  We'll set up and test your e-newsletter directly in your autoresponder system. Not a techie? No worries! "Done-for-you" means everything's done for you — no more messing with layouts, lists, and send times.
  •  Every e-newsletter comes with a polished email subject line that piques your subscribers' interest. We want them to click and open this baby!
  •  Finally, we'll repost content from your e-newsletter to your website's blog, making sure your marketing works hard for you. Think of it as a two-for-one deal. 

“Emily Matras is amazing — for my e-newsletter, she creates written material in my ‘voice’ and ‘essence,’ where the words jump off the page and transport the reader to a place or time beyond the here and now. My clients love reading my e-newsletter because of Emily’s natural ability to create great copy. She knows what resonates with readers and targets the material to touch their heart and soul!” 

— Debra Harris, Life's Journey Travel

E-newsletter packages start at $199/e-newsletter, with options to send weekly or every other week. 

Ready to discover how you can start sending out an e-newsletter that has "you" written all over it ... without having to do any of the writing yourself? Let's chat during a free 15-minute consult to figure out if Bon Vivant's e-newsletter packages are right for you. 

Are our e-newsletter services right for you?

What makes a certain travel biz owner a good match for our services? Let's look at it this way — our packages aren't for you if:

  • You’re okay with cheap, generic content that any travel agent could use. That's not what you'll get with our services. Working with me on your e-newsletter is a collaborative process. We’ll bounce ideas off one another, incorporate feedback from your clients, and make sure we’re serving up the exact content your subscribers are craving. 
  • You’re looking for a silver-bullet solution to getting more clients. If that's what you're after, we're not a good fit, 'cause sending out an e-newsletter ain't it. That's for 2 reasons: 1) There are no silver-bullet solutions! and 2) Sending out an e-newsletter is about building relationships first, and making sales second. Your clients and prospects want to hear from you — but they don't want sales and promos shoved down their throats. When you consistently send out an e-newsletter, you're playing the strategic long game. Relationships turn into trip requests turn into ah-mazing repeat clients. Are you up for playing that kind of game? 
  • You're not willing to invest in email autoresponder software. No, you can't just mass email clients from your gmail account. The good news: A monthly autoresponder subscription, like from MailChimp or iContact, costs about the same as a couple of grande lattés. 

Still with me? Great! Then let's chat. Learn more about our different e-newsletter packages and get all your questions answered on a quick consult call. Click the button below to schedule your call today!


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